The bachlores you can get married to are..


A fisherman by trade, Denny spends his morning out on the ocean. He is back at his hut on the beach of Sprout Island by 8:00 am. He is proud of his skills, as the giant fish print on the back wall of his house indicates how well of an angler he is. Denny's little bird is named Popper, and it always sits on Denny's shoulder.

Denny likes a challenge and has a very cheerful attitude.

Birthday: Fall 26


The grandson of Taro, this bachelor tries his best to help his family with the daily shipments off of the Sunshine Archipelago. He has a lot of pressure from his sister and grandfather to perform exceptionally, but he does tend to mess up from time to time.

Elliot has somewhat of a self-esteem issue, and may seem unsure of himself on occassion. He does have a good heart, as well as being gentle and kind.

Birthday: Summer 21


Another farmer such as yourself, Mark comes to the island to learn new farming techniques. He stays at Carol's Inn on Sprout Island in the northwestern room. He stays around Verdure and Sprout Island, and frequently goes into the Cafe, Diner, and Chen's shop. Mark has done a lot of traveling and would like to find a place to finally settle down.

Mark is your average type of fellow.

Birthday: Winter 27

Unlocks: Have all of the main characters unlocked, such as the Witch Princess, Harvest Goddess, Nathan, Alisa, Witchkins, Shea, Wada, Lily, and Will. You do not need to have the Mineral Town characters unlocked. You need to unlock 15 islands (excluding Sunny Island). You also need the bridge to Link Island built (15,000 G) in order to "discover" Rice, Tree, and Greenhouse islands


This food gourmet has an ever quenching goal of locating tasty ingredients for his cooking recipes. He may look child-like but he is a master in the kitchen. Pierre's dream is to try every type of food in the world.

Pierre's attitude is always cheery, especially if there's some sort of new food around that he hasn't tried before.

Birthday: Spring 13


The wild man lives on Mushroom Island on his own. His foster father, Wada, is only on the island a few days a week, which leaves Shea to hunt for himself. Shea has a limited grasp on English and will speak in broken sentences.

Hunting for only what he needs is very important to Shea, and he wants to teach you the importance of not being wasteful. He wants to be a great warrior so he can protect the people who are important to him.

Birthday: Winter 2

Unlocks: Raise the Mushroom Island (12 Sun Stone) and then visit the island the next day. You'll find a tent appear on the island, and inside the tent you'll meet Shea


This gentleman arrives on the island riding a white horse off of his yacht docked at the pier on Sprout Island. He is visiting his wealthy uncle Regis and cousin Sabrina, and lives on his yahact and not at their mansion. Will's full name is William Terry Louis Andrew Carrick Jonathan Dredge Hams Reading Roger Southwark Alwick Plymouth Junior Regison III.

Will has a very regal and polite tone. He uses words like "my lady" and generally tries to be noble towards the opposite gender. Will doesn't have any preference for cooked recipes and prefers basic items.

Birthday: Fall 13

Unlocks: Raise the Volcano Island (8 Sun Stones) and a few days later, walk from Verdure Island to Sprout Island to meet Will


An animal trader by vocation, Vaughn spends most of his time traveling to other locations. He is only on Verdure Island on Mondays and Tuesdays, where you'll find him at Mirabelle's animal shop. Vaughn does not have any family and prefers to keep to himself.

If you talk to Vaughn he will appear cold and snobbish. As you warm up to him by giving gifts, the cowboy will become more talkative.

Birthday: Spring 3

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